Q. Where is Tasmania?
A. Tasmania is an island state on the bottom of Australia

Q. How to Travel to Tasmania?
A. You need to either fly via Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane or travel by ferry in Melbourne. The flight time is just 1hr or the ferry from Melbourne if overnight.

Q. Where is Freycinet Nation Park?
A. Freycinet national park is located on the beautiful east coast of Tasmania. Freycinet is located beside the town of Coles Bay which overlooks the pink granite Hazards mountain range.

Q. How to travel to Freycinet?
A. You can travel via Hobart or Launceston to the east coast of Tasmania. It takes 2 hrs to travel from Launceston to Freycinet and 2.5hrs travel from Hobart to Freycinet.

Q. Are there any fees for entry into the National park?
A. Yes. Daily Pass $12 per person or $24 per vehicle. Holiday Pass (Up to 8 weeks) $30 per person or $60 per vehicle. Visit Tas Goverment Parks and Wildlife for more information or buy a pass online